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You can find our Mediacenter at . Save the URL in your favourites or add a desktop shortcut so you are only ever a mouse-click away.

Please make sure that you access the Mediacenter via Google Chrome, Edge or Safari - the layout may not be supported by other browsers.

What does the new Mediacenter offer?

You are already accustomed to us providing you with up-to date images and film footage. The new Mediacenter expands on this service and now also provides media in the following formats:

  • bundles (containing several images, films or documents)

  • entire flyers

  • material / PZN number search function

The site is being constantly expanded and updated to facilitate, for example, yout work with campaign material or downloading your print data in the future.

Searching the Mediacenter

Search tips:
  1. If you are searching for a product, enter the product name or the material/PZN number.

  2. If you are searching for a campaign, enter th campaign title.

  3. If you are looking for product images in one language variant, enter the double country code, e.g. DE-GB, IT-NL, US-ES, FR-GB

1. Searching via the search field (see arrow)

To search for e.g. a product or a medicinal plant, enter at least the first four letters of the name/description in the search field.

"Rose" example: Once you have entered the search term and confirmed the search by hitting Enter, you will receive a large number of images.
You can narrow down your search results by applying various filters, for example rubrics (see screenshot). First, click on the small download-facing arrow to the right of the filter "All Rubrics". This will open a dropdown menu. By selecting one or more of these categories, the number of results is reduced.

2. Searching by material number

You also have the option to search for products my material or PZN number. If you use this search method, you will be shown all images related to this product, e.g. campaign or mood images that contain the product image.

3. Searching for current campaigns

Enter the desired campaign in the search field (e.g. "Christmas 2020) and hit Enter to confirm. All images stored in the Mediacenter with the tag "Christmas 2020" will appear.

To search for a particular product in that campaign, simply enter the desired product (e.g. "Display") after the search term (see screenshot) and hit Enter to confirm.

4. Search for a language variant

You also have the option to search for language variants. As the desired language variant, always enter the variant that is wirtten on the product without packaging (e.g. DE-GB). The filtered images will then appear.
(Language variants: DE-GB; IT-NL; FR-GB; US-ES)

Downloading images

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can download the image material in a variety of formats:

  • Master: This is the original file format (usually TIFF)

  • Press: A format suitable for small-scale print images (JPG)

  • Internet: A format for use on the internet (PNG)

  • Office: A format for press texts or presentations

You can also choose to add your chosen image(s) in the desired format to the "Collection Box."

Using the Collection Box

You can use the Collection Box to store images, films or documents that you have found during your search. This allows you to conduct several searches one after the other and once you have stored everything you need, to simply download the material individually or in a zip file.

Deleting or resetting a search

The following function can be used to delete or reset your search:

Simply click on "Clear all filters" and all information and selections will be reset.

Changing the display

You can also change how your search results are displayed by choosing between tile display or detailed list display.

Language settings

You also have the option to change the language of the Mediacenter - either to German or English.

Your user account

Here, you can change your password and contact details or delete you account.

If you have any questions about using or searching the Mediacenter, please contact us at:

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new Mediacenter! Your Mediacenter Admin Team